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8 essentials your GP keeps in the cupboard over Christmas

I just don't want to go dashing out looking for a pharmacy or supermarket once I have left work and declared myself to be on holiday over Christmas.  Here are a few things that I will be keeping handy, and I am sharing them in case it might be helpful for anyone else.

1. Paracetamol - we've seen the first of the nasty flu-like illnesses this week so make sure you are prepared.  And children's versions can save a big hunt for an open pharmacy over the Christmas break - so worth stocking up

2. Zantac - this is great for the effects of overeating and also works well for hangovers.  Available over the counter and if you find that you are susceptible to a bit of indigestion after a large meal this is worth having in your cupboard

3. Some 6cm x 7cm 'Opsite Flexigrid' dressings.  This stuff is amazing.  It is like a second skin and looks like cling film that has been stuck on.  Peel off the backing and slap it on to superficial burns (instant pain relief) and also grazed kne…

What a Headache!

What a Headache! Google ‘headache’, and you will very likely convince yourself you have a brain tumour. The list of worrying diagnoses that can cause a headache is staggering. These, however, are the rarities. As unpleasant and annoying headaches can be, the vast majority are safe and best of all treatable. In fact, headache is not even listed as a symptom in the 2015 NICE guidelines on early diagnosis of cancer. When we see people attending the surgery with a headache it is usually because it is not going away, keeps coming back, or is severe and upsetting. Sometimes the headache will be joined by other symptoms like nausea, visual changes such as blind spots or sparkling jagged lines and even numbness in the body or slurred speech. When these headaches occur repeatedly, and last (anything up to 72 hours) we have a bona fide case of Migraine. Though a miserable and upsetting type of headache, migraine is very treatable. We are very lucky these days, as we have at our disposal severa…