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Dr Marcus Gleave on Male Problems "Downstairs"

Some men are reluctant to come and see their doctor, particularly if the problem is ‘downstairs’. 
Here’s a brief summary of some of these (treatable) problems:
Erectile dysfunction/impotence Happens to almost every man at some point.  Common causes are alcohol, stress, tiredness and relationship problems.  If it only happens occasionally it is not something to worry about, but if it is worsening or happening increasingly frequently, it is important to see your doctor. 
General measures to improve erections and sexual function include reducing alcohol, stopping smoking, losing weight and taking more exercise.In addition there are effective treatments that can be prescribed, the most well known being sildenafil or ‘viagra’. 
When you see your doctor for treatment we will also try to determine the likely cause of the problem – it may be psychological in which case you can be referred to a specialist.  Erection problems may be due to restricted blood flow to the area, which may require yo…