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Vaccination: quick and (almost) painless

Following on from my last blog regarding the HPV vaccination and how it has benefits for both boys and girls, it is interesting to see that new guidelines have been developed to help doctors and nurses who inject children.  These guidelines focus on how we can reduce distress for the child. As a parent, and a GP, I am very familiar with the stress that comes with having one of your children vaccinated.  There’s no escaping the fact that for a brief moment, the jab is going to cause a prick or a sting, and all we can do is comfort our children and distract them if possible, safe in the knowledge that we have acted in their very best interests.  It is always over very quickly and soon forgotten, but the lead up to vaccination day can be a source of anxiety.  Mums and Dads sometimes find the process too tough to handle, and we frequently see the task delegated to Grandparents or one parent in particular, no doubt after much personal deliberation!
Why are the guidelines important? I hope it…