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HPV vaccine (Gardasil) - not just for girls

Preventing cancer. Anyone with a teenage daughter will be familiar with a relatively new vaccination provided in year 8 at school, which is designed to protect against cancer of the cervix. In the UK this is the second most common cancer to affect women under the age of 35, with around 3000 cases per year (8 cases per day) being diagnosed. Unfortunately death rates are high - around 970 women died from cervical cancer in 2011 in the UK. The jab, GARDASIL, represents a truly dramatic improvement in healthcare. Just consider what this vaccination gives us – a proven and effective vaccination against a form of cancer. We often hear about the search for a cure for cancer, and here we have one step better – true prevention. No wonder it has become a routine childhood vaccination across developed countries all over the world.
But what about the boys? Clearly boys and men are not at risk of cancer of the cervix, but there are very real benefits to boys being vaccinated too. For now however, the …